The Psychology Behind Car Colors: What Your Vehicle Says About You

Are you interested in changing your car’s color with a paint change or vinyl wraps? The color of your car can speak volumes about your personality and preferences. Studies show that colors are not chosen randomly and reflect the traits, emotions, and social statuses of the car’s owner. For example, one poll shows that people associate black with a “powerful” color, which could be the reason for its popularity.

Not sure what color to choose? Here’s a look at what different kinds of car colors can suggest about who is behind the wheel.


window tinting - sunco protective filmsYes, people tend to associate black with traits of power, sophistication, and elegance. A car owner may choose a black car to feel more confident and authoritative, or they may associate it as a symbol of luxury and professionalism.


White cars are often associated with a desire for cleanliness, simplicity, and purity. It may suggest its owners are also fastidious and direct. However, white is also a classic look that could make you more visible on the road and is considered a modern, fresh choice.


Slide into a silver vehicle if you’re looking for something innovative, modern, and high-tech. People may perceive you as someone with a practical and futuristic mindset who appreciates elegance without being flashy about it.


Gray takes a more neutral approach to car ownership and conveys practicality and caution. It could be a sign that you’re a mature person who isn’t interested in standing out and values reliability. If you’re pragmatic, a gray vehicle could be a beneficial choice for you.


You may have already guessed that a red car shows off your energy, passion, and desire for action. If you feel bold, changing your car with a red vinyl wrap could help show off your excitement and enthusiasm for life.


Blue car to convey Vinyl Wrap benefits - Sunco Protective FilmsIf you feel calm, trustworthy, and stable, you need a car that reflects your desire for dependability. A darker shade of blue might convey your confidence and credibility. Lighter blue suggests a more playful and approachable personality that’s ready to embrace what life has to offer.


If you feel joyful, positive, and optimistic, consider investing in a yellow car. Your personality could reflect your youthful and energetic vibe, which makes you completely comfortable standing out from a crowd. Yellow also signals that you have a creative side and a zest for life.


It’s understandable why green vehicles appeal to nature lovers. They embody growth and an eco-conscious personality. Others may also see you as a stable person who values balance and harmony.


Fun-loving adventurers own orange cars and are looking for something different. People may perceive you as a confident risk-taker with a vibrant and outgoing personality. Your unique spirit will shine when driving an orange vehicle. If you’re not sure about making the long-term commitment to orange, a vinyl wrap could be the perfect solution for an eye-catching ride.

Brown or Beige

A brown or beige car is a sign you value comfort and reliability. You may be down to earth, practiced, stable, and appreciate the classic things in life. You’ll feel right at home waking up to a brown or beige car in your garage.


If you’re thinking about a purple car, you may be highly creative with a unique personality. Being authentic and unconventional, you might gravitate towards luxury, relishing a sense of mystery and the unexpected.

Ready to Change Up the Color of Your Vehicle?

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