Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Service by Sunco Protective Films

Enhance and shield your vehicle’s beauty with Sunco Protective Films’ diverse range of Ceramic Coating services. Proudly serving Sacramento and surrounding areas, we’re more than just experts – we’re a Modesta Certified Installer. We understand the value and significance of your vehicle, so we ensure each ceramic coating is professionally applied with precision. Trust in Sunco for unmatched ceramic coating services.

Superior Protection

Safeguard your paintwork against environmental contaminants, including bird droppings, tar, and harmful UV rays.

Long-Lasting Shine

The coating’s hydrophobic nature ensures your vehicle maintains its shine, repelling water and dirt effectively.

Ease of Maintenance

Say goodbye to frequent car washes. Dirt and grime find it harder to stick, making cleaning a breeze.

Enhanced Paint Depth & Clarity

Witness a richer and deeper color appearance, breathing new life into your vehicle’s paint.

Durable Defense

Unlike traditional wax, Ceramic Coating offers a long-term protective solution, ensuring your vehicle remains in prime condition for longer.

Paint Ceramic Coatings

BC – 08

a 2yr coating

BC – X

A 4yr Coating

BC – 04

An 8yr coating

BC – 08 – A 2yr coating

Discover BC – 08: Exceptional Shine & Shield with a 2-Year Warranty, Smartly Priced!

Tailored for daily drivers, BC – 08 combines efficiency with brilliant protection. Enhanced with zirconium traces, it grants a radiant finish. The Neosilica matrix ensures water resistance, self-cleaning, and steadfast defense against scratches and the elements. Dive into BC – 08: a cost-effective choice that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance.

BC – X – A 4yr coating

Discover BC – X: Perfectly Poised for 4 Years of Radiant Protection!

Choosing the ideal ceramic coating is a game of precision. That’s where BC – X steps in. Positioned masterfully between BC – 08 and the top-tier BC – 04, it represents Modesta’s harmonious blend of cost and performance. Bestowing a deep shine and gloss to your vehicle’s paint, BC – X doesn’t just stop at aesthetics. Its advanced hydrophobic properties ensure your car wears a fresh look for weeks with minimal upkeep. Dive into four years of elegant protection with BC – X—a thoughtful choice for those who seek excellence in every drive.

BC – 04 – An 8yr coating

Discover BC – 04: An 8-Year Commitment to Elevate & Protect Your Vehicle!
A coating formula that combines the best advantages of the original pure liquid, glass, coating, and highest quality nano grade titanium dioxide. This combination creates a deeper shine and spectacular reflections on the paint. Modesta BC – 04 creates an extremely hard physical barrier that prevents paint from coming in contact with airborne elements and acts as a strong, anti-scratch protection. Modesto BC – 04 can withstand temperatures of up to 900°C. It delivers a special hydrophilic water behavior that prevents minerals and other deposits from hard water spots.

Interior Ceramic Coating

Discover LPS: Superior Care for Your Vehicle’s Interior!

Elevate your interior protection with Modesta’s Leather Protection System (LPS). Crafted for both genuine leather and leather-like finishes, LPS boasts unmatched resistance against liquids, dirt, and wear. Its innovative dual-component system shields against spills, diminishes color transfer and simplifies cleaning tasks. Additionally, with our unique Slider Abrasion Protection, high-contact areas show resilience against common wear, ensuring interiors remain pristine for longer. Trust in LPS to merge luxury with lasting protection.

Exterior Ceramic Coating

Discover EPC: Protect the look of your vehicle while providing long-term protection.

Bring back the vibrant charm of your vehicle’s exterior plastics with Modesta’s Exterior Plastic Coating (EPC). Our specially curated formula breathes life into faded parts, restoring that original, fresh-off-the-lot look. But EPC isn’t just about aesthetics. It offers formidable protection against harmful UV rays and oxidation, ensuring prolonged durability. Perfect for both reviving old plastics and preserving new ones, EPC does all this without altering the natural look or feel, thanks to its dye-free composition. Choose EPC for a refined yet resilient exterior.

Wheel & Caliper Ceramic Coating

Discover BC – 06: Supreme Protection for Wheels & Brake Calipers!
For wheels and brake calipers constantly facing the rigors of the road, BC – 06 stands as a formidable guard. This unique hard glass coating, derived from a specialized silica film, offers unmatched stain resistance and an easier cleaning experience. Dust, raindrops, or stubborn grime? BC – 06 keeps them at bay. It interacts chemically with the material and forms a densely packed, lasting shield. And the heat? No worries. BC – 06 is resilient up to an astonishing 1300°C, ensuring your wheels remain unscathed from even the most intense brake dust. Equip your wheels with BC – 06 and drive with renewed assurance.

Glass Ceramic Coating

Unveiling EGC: Crystal-Clear Vision for Every Drive!
Experience a new standard of clarity with EGC Exterior Gloss Coating. Tailored for motor vehicle exterior glass, this masterful blend of silica resin casts a microscopic hydrophobic layer, boosting visibility during rainy drives. But it’s not just about seeing clearly; EGC ensures your windshield stays cleaner for longer by resisting pesky insects, grime, and dirt. Winter challenges like ice and snow? They’re effortlessly managed, thanks to the coating’s hydrophobic properties. Every EGC kit is equipped with top-grade instant serum oxide powder, ensuring a deep clean before the protective application. With EGC, embrace clearer horizons and safer journeys.

Paint Protection Film Vs Ceramic Coating

Frequently asked questions

Can I still go through automatic car washes after a coating is applied?
We do not recommend using automatic car washes after applying a ceramic coating. Even with a nearly flawless paint job, touch car washes can cause damage that would require additional paint refinement to address. Touchless car washes may seem like a safer alternative, but the chemicals used in these washes are often harsh and can significantly reduce the lifespan of your coating.
At Sunco Protective Films, we want to ensure that your investment receives the best protection possible, and that means avoiding automatic car washes. Instead, we recommend hand washing your vehicle or having it professionally washed with a soft cloth and gentle cleaning products. In addition, our experienced staff will provide tips and guidance on the best practices for maintaining your ceramic coating, so you can keep your vehicle looking great for longer.
So, while it may be tempting to use an automatic car wash, we strongly recommend against it to ensure that your coating lasts as long as possible.
Why Should I Consider a Ceramic Coating for My Vehicle?
Ceramic coatings are an excellent way to protect your vehicle’s paint job from harsh environmental factors, such as UV rays, bird droppings, bug acids, and other fallouts that can cause damage. A ceramic coating provides a highly durable layer over your vehicle’s clear coat, forming a barrier that is resistant to these harmful chemicals and can help to prevent damage that could otherwise eat away at your vehicle’s paint.

Not only do ceramic coatings provide exceptional protection, but they also give your car a high-gloss finish that is hard to achieve with other products. In addition, unlike traditional waxes and sealants, ceramic coatings are made from more durable and longer-lasting materials, providing a stronger level of protection for your vehicle’s paint.

Do I Really Need a Paint Correction Before Having My Coating Applied?
While it’s technically possible to apply a ceramic coating to a car without performing a paint correction, it’s generally not recommended. The paint correction process is essential for preparing your vehicle’s paint to ensure that the coating bonds as effectively as possible. Without this step, a coating may not last as long as desired. In addition, it may not provide the level of protection you’re looking for, including voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

At Sunco Protective Films, we take pride in providing a thorough paint correction process to ensure that your vehicle’s paint is in the best possible condition before applying any coating. Our experienced technicians will identify imperfections or damage on your car’s surface and carefully remove them before applying the coating, giving you the best possible result.

So while it may be tempting to skip the paint correction process, we strongly recommend it to ensure that your investment is fully protected. Contact us today to learn more about our paint correction and ceramic coating services.