Paint Correction

Paint Correction

At Sunco Protective Films, we understand that over time, even the most meticulously maintained vehicles can begin to show signs of wear on their paintwork. Are you seeing any of these?

  • Swirl Marks
  • Minor Scratches
  • Dullness on the Surface

These normal wear and tear imperfections can detract from the overall look of your vehicle. With over a decade of expertise in the Sacramento region, our paint correction services are designed to restore the pristine shine your vehicle once boasted.

Paint Correction Process

Our paint correction process is a meticulous multi-step procedure aimed at eradicating paint imperfections and reviving the vehicle’s glossy finish. Leveraging the legacy of three generations in the Film & Vinyl Industry, our service ensures a flawless finish, restoring depth, clarity, and brilliance to your vehicle’s paint.

With 32 years of family-operated business and three generations deep in the industry, our roots are firmly planted in delivering perfection. If you’re in the Sacramento area looking for Paint Correction services for your vehicle, come experience the Sunco difference and let us redefine your vehicle’s aesthetics.


Thorough Washing


Detailed Assessment


Precision Compounding & Polishing


Finishing Touch


Protective Sealant Application

Frequently asked questions

What causes swirl marks and scratches on my car's paint, and can they be removed?
Swirl marks and scratches are usually caused by improper washing and drying techniques or contact with abrasive materials. Our paint correction process can safely remove most of these defects by removing a thin layer of clear coat and polishing the paint to restore its original shine and clarity.
How long does it take to complete a paint correction service?
The duration of our paint correction service depends on the level of correction needed and the size of the vehicle. However, we usually require a few days to complete the process thoroughly. During this time, we will also assess the paint condition and recommend additional treatments, such as waxing or paint sealant, to protect your investment.
Can paint correction damage my car's paint?
No, our paint correction process is safe and does not damage your car’s paint. Our team of experts uses specialized tools and techniques to safely remove imperfections and restore the original finish of your car’s paint. Our goal is to enhance your car’s appearance while ensuring its long-term protection and value.