Top Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for Your Ceramic Coated Car

When you want to protect your vehicle from the elements, a ceramic coated car is a powerful choice. A ceramic coating is a type of liquid polymer applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect your paint. From UV rays to pollution and superficial scratches, a ceramic coating helps protect your car for years while reducing time spent washing, scrubbing, and drying. But there are some things to consider before making the investment. Here are some top mistakes to avoid with ceramic coatings.

Skipping Over Washing and Prepping Your Car

It’s crucial to properly wash and prep your vehicle before applying a ceramic coating. Otherwise, you could end up with a ceramic coated car that’s trapping pollutants. Or you could end up applying a coating over emerging rust or other issues. Working with a team of vehicle protection experts eliminates the worries and ensures your car gets the best treatment possible before applying your ceramic coating.

Image of technician working on a Mercedes to convey the importance of Ceramic Coating - Sunco Protective Films

Ignoring Paint Correction

Your car needs a thorough inspection to ensure that the paint’s surface is properly corrected and free of imperfections. If you ignore paint correction, you could end up with a less-than-optimal bond between the coating and the paint. The results? Your coating may not last as long or look as pristine.

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Taking a DIY Approach

There are DIY options on the market for ceramic coated cars, but they’re not always worth your time and resources. Beyond the product itself, you also need a professional assessment, application, and skill to ensure your coating goes on evenly for a flawless finish. Doing it yourself could make your vehicle look worse than it did before.

Using Harsh Chemicals

Ceramic coatings go a long way toward protecting your car, but you still need to avoid using abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, or acidic substances. Too much exposure to harsh chemicals can degrade the ceramic coating and compromise its protective properties. For your car, always use pH-neutral car wash soaps and gentle cleaning tools.

Skipping Regular Maintenance

Ceramic coated cars reduce the need for ongoing, vigorous maintenance but won’t eliminate it. You still need a good washing routine to get rid of dirt, debris, and contaminants from building up on your coating. The good news is that the hydrophilic properties of ceramic coatings make washing and drying your car easier than ever.

Using Improper Washing Techniques

It’s not just about avoiding harsh chemicals and cleaners. Using abrasive tools to wash your car can eventually damage your ceramic coating. Toss out those dirty sponges, brushes, or towels that could scratch your coating. Instead, use the simple two-bucket wash method with quality microfiber wash mitts and towels.

Skipping Ceramic Coating for Your Glass and Tires

Ceramic coatings do more than protect the exterior of your vehicle’s paint. You can also apply a ceramic coating to your tires and glass for flawless protection. These coatings offer the same type of protection and protect your cars and glass against pollution and dings.

Using Automated Car Washes

Automated car washes can save time and claim to be safe, but many use harsh chemicals and brushes. You could quickly damage your coating or leave water sitting on your vehicle for so long that it etches or swirls into the surface of your car. Instead, opt for handwashing or touchless car washes to minimize the risk of costly damage.

Neglecting to Apply Additional Protection

Ceramic coatings do wonders for the appearance and protection of your vehicle. They’re also a superior choice to waxing and sealants. However, you can maximize your protection with a combination of ceramic coating and paint protection film. Also known as PPF, it helps repel dings, scrapes, water marks, and pollution for an armored approach to vehicle care.

Expecting Perfection Forever

Although ceramic coated cars offer excellent protection and durability, they are not indestructible. Over the years, a ceramic coating will eventually wear down. If you drive for hours every week in harsh weather and conditions, your coating may deteriorate faster than that of someone who is a casual drier. Consult with the team at Sunco Protective Films to maintain your coating and ensure long-term protection for your vehicle.

Ready to Invest in a Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle?

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