How to Choose and Maintain the Perfect Car Fragrance

If you want to enhance your ride while keeping it clean, investing in vehicle protection services like PPF and ceramic coatings are just a few places to start. But you also need a car that smells great and makes you feel more comfortable. If you’re not sure how to choose the right fragrance, here’s what to consider.

The History of Car Fragrances and Air Fresheners

Car fragrances have come a long way since their inception in the 1950s. The first patented car air freshener dates back to those iconic “Little Trees” hanging from rear view mirrors. Julius Sämann, a chemist who emigrated from Germany to Canada, invented them in 1952. After hearing a milkman complain about spilled milk in his truck, he decided to find a solution. Sämann gathered inspiration from the Canadian pine forests to create his first signature smell. Sämann created a simple solution to foul odors trapped inside vehicles by soaking felt paper in a pine-scented fragrance.

Invest In Regular Cleaning

window tinting - sunco protective filmsWhen your interior is dirty, your vehicle’s fragrance can quickly fade or become off-putting. Invest in regular interior detailing and cleaning to keep out dirt, dust, and odors that overpower your day. Once everything is tidy and neat, you may realize you want a different fragrance altogether or need a less powerful scent.

Choose the Proper Placement

Air fresheners and fragrances do more than hang off your rearview mirror. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and position your air freshener correctly. Place them securely in your vents or in a stable position to prevent spills.

Adjust the Intensity

You can adjust some air fresheners to be more powerful or to emit a light scent. The outside temperatures can also influence the fragrance. On a hot summer’s day, you may need to adjust the intensity to find the right level of fragrance without feeling overwhelmed.

Periodically Replace Your Air Freshener

Air fresheners need periodic replacement to maintain the same level of fragrance you want. As it starts to fade, you’ll need to replace it, but it’s not always easy to tell. Keep track of when you installed it to maintain a more consistent scent and enjoyable driving experience.

Choose Natural Alternatives

There’s always a natural alternative to fragrances. Consider turning to essential oils or dried herbs. But just because they’re natural doesn’t mean they’re not powerful. Essential oils typically require dilution due to their high concentration, which could potentially cause interior damage or skin burns.

Choose a Custom Blend

The future of car fragrances lies in choosing custom blends to create a signature scent profile for your vehicle. Many companies offer the opportunity to customize your preferences and combine different notes to appeal to your personality. You can also customize your own scents using essential oils. Record what oils you’re using and how much to find the perfect option for your vehicle.

Choose Scent-Free Zones

Not every area of your vehicle requires fragrance. Throwing an air freshener in your truck might get rid of the scent of your gym bag, but it could interfere with your groceries or luggage. Or, your regular backseat passengers may be sensitive to fragrance and prefer a scent-free zone.

Increase Your Car’s Ventilation

Your car needs regular ventilation to keep it feeling fresh and your fragrance from stagnating. Keep your car well ventilated or roll down the windows periodically. Regular ventilation keeps fragrance from becoming too concentrated and mixing with other odors, including your takeout order.

Create a Sensory Driving Experience

Think of your air freshener and fragrance as a way to create a sensory driving experience. Combined with effects like window tinting, the right fragrance can make driving feel like a relaxing retreat instead of a stressful situation sitting in traffic. If you can’t do anything about rush hour, you might as well enjoy your time on the road.

Ready Enhance Your Vehicle?

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