Top Trends in Car Customization: How Vinyl Wraps are Changing the Game

Thinking about investing in vinyl wraps with Sunco Protective Films? Car customizations have been around since the inception of automation but rose to prominence in the 1930s, before World War II. Car owners removed running boards, replaced fenders, and added embellishments to customize their rides. In 1926, the era of “plastic-like,” or material that is customizable in terms of color and thickness, began when the Goodrich Corporation unintentionally discovered vinyl chloride.

In the early days, vinyl was used on seats and eventually repurposed to wrap cars due to its flexibility and durability. You’ve probably seen companies wrap their cars in vinyl as an on-the-go advertisement for decades. NASCAR also started using vibrant vinyl wraps in the 2000s, when it replaced painting designs directly onto their vehicles.

Today, vinyl wraps are a growing trend for everyday consumers. Here’s a look at how they work and why they could be a great fit for your vehicle.

Cost-Effective Transformation

One of the most appealing benefits of vinyl wraps is that they’re significantly cheaper than a full paint job. They empower car owners to change up the color, finish, and customizations of their vehicles without the investment of permanent paint. A paint job takes time, is long-lasting, and needs ongoing maintenance. Vinyl wraps are a smaller investment across time and money to get your car looking incredible and keep it the way you want.

Limitless Design Possibilities

Vinyl wraps offer unlimited design possibilities, from solid colors to matte finishes. You can also integrate meticulous designs and effects to fully personalize the car ownership experience. Because it is much easier to take on and off a vinyl coating without damaging your vehicle, you can also experiment with designs without the time-consuming process of a paint job.

Paint Protection

Beyond customization purposes, vinyl wraps can also help protect your vehicle’s original paint from scratches, sun damage, and minor abrasions. When your paint job is vinyl-protected, you can prolong its high-gloss quality. If you’re ever interested in reselling your vehicle, you can also protect your ROI with the help of a vinyl car wrap.

Advertising and Branding

Businesses have used vinyl wraps for decades as a way to offer flexible, mobile advertising opportunities that travel with you. Vinyl wraps serve as mobile billboards that attract thousands of people each month, from straightforward logos to fully branded vehicles.

Easier Maintenance

If you’re tired of scrubbing down your car and worrying over your paint job, a vinyl wrap can help. It’s easy to clean them and they don’t require waxing or expensive products to maintain their appearance. You also don’t need to worry about bird splatter and contaminants sticking to your vehicle’s paint.

Textured and Special Effect Wraps Car Customization Trends - SunCo Protective Films Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wraps were once pretty basic with colors and designs but now offer textures, special effects, and dazzling flourishes. You can ask for matte, gloss, stain, chrome, and color-changing wraps that shift hues. The variety adds to the customization possibilities for your car and commands more attention on the road.

Partial Wraps and Accent Wraps

Unlike a paint job, you don’t need to commit to full vehicle customization options. Instead, you can leverage a vinyl wrap to add accents to the hood of your vehicle, roof, or mirrors for a more subtle approach. Ask the team at Sunco Protective Films about the best vinyl wrap for your vehicle and your design ideas.

Improved Durability and Longevity

Vinyl wraps weren’t always known for their ultra-durability, but technology has changed the approach. Modern vinyl wraps can withstand the negative impact of UV rays, rain, sleet, and contaminants. Depending on what you choose for your vehicle, a high-quality wrap may last for several years.

Digital Printing and Custom Graphics

Advanced digital printing technologies enable highly detailed and customized graphics on vinyl wraps. From intricate patterns to photo-realistic images, the possibilities are virtually endless, allowing for personal or business branding.


Depending on the products you choose, vinyl wraps can be a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional paint. They usually require fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during application, which is better for the environment. Because vinyl wraps are durable and easy to keep clean, they also require fewer detergents and products to maintain the look of your vehicle.

Ready to Invest in a Vinyl Wrap for Your Vehicle?

Are you ready to take the next step and invest in a vinyl wrap for your vehicle? Sunco Protective Films offers a wide range of services to protect and enhance the appearance of your vehicle, including vinyl wraps, paint protection film, ceramic coatings, paint correction, and window tinting services. Ready to maximize the appearance of your vehicle for eye-catching results? Schedule your next service today.