Folsom California Ceramic Coating


Sunco Protective Films is one of the few Authorized Modesta Ceramic Coating installation facilities in the USA.

Folsom California Ceramic Coating

ceramic coatingPaint Protection Coatings have become an industry leading way to protect your entire vehicle from the exterior to the interior. Developed with the most discerning auto aficionado in mind, ceramic coatings are the barrier against the elements that you have been looking for.

Sunco Protective Films is one of the few Authorized Modesta Ceramic Coating installation facilities in the USA. Ceramic coatings can be installed on most paint surfaces, including matte finishes. Contact us for a free estimate today!

Paint Ceramic Coatings

BC – 08

a 2yr coating

BC – X

A 4yr Coating

BC – 04

An 8yr coating

BC – 08 - A 2yr coating

Discover BC – 08: Exceptional Shine & Shield with a 2-Year Warranty, Smartly Priced!

Tailored for daily drivers, BC – 08 combines efficiency with brilliant protection. Enhanced with zirconium traces, it grants a radiant finish. The Neosilica matrix ensures water resistance, self-cleaning, and steadfast defense against scratches and the elements. Dive into BC – 08: a cost-effective choice that doesn't compromise on quality or performance.

BC – X - A 4yr coating

Discover BC – X: Perfectly Poised for 4 Years of Radiant Protection!

Choosing the ideal ceramic coating is a game of precision. That's where BC – X steps in. Positioned masterfully between BC – 08 and the top-tier BC – 04, it represents Modesta's harmonious blend of cost and performance. Bestowing a deep shine and gloss to your vehicle's paint, BC – X doesn't just stop at aesthetics. Its advanced hydrophobic properties ensure your car wears a fresh look for weeks with minimal upkeep. Dive into four years of elegant protection with BC – X—a thoughtful choice for those who seek excellence in every drive.

BC – 04 - An 8yr coating

Discover BC – 04: An 8-Year Commitment to Elevate & Protect Your Vehicle!
A coating formula that combines the best advantages of the original pure liquid, glass, coating, and highest quality nano grade titanium dioxide. This combination creates a deeper shine and spectacular reflections on the paint. Modesta BC – 04 creates an extremely hard physical barrier that prevents paint from coming in contact with airborne elements and acts as a strong, anti-scratch protection. Modesto BC – 04 can withstand temperatures of up to 900°C. It delivers a special hydrophilic water behavior that prevents minerals and other deposits from hard water spots.